Chinese Energy Holdings Limited (the “博弈娱乐app地址官网”) and its subsidiaries principally engaged in general trading (including market sourcing of technical and electronic products), trading of liquefied natural gas (“博弈娱乐app注册下载”) products, investment in financial assets and provision of money lending.

We will continue our objective of enhancing the value of the Company’s shares (“博弈娱乐app软件手机”). We will cautiously make use of available funds on investing in equity markets. The investment strategy will be reviewed and monitored constantly as well as appropriate actions will be taken whenever necessary in response to the rapid changes in global economic and market situations. We have been paying close attention to the development of LNG industry in the People’s Republic of China (“博弈娱乐app线路网址”) and are actively identifying suitable opportunities to invest in midstream transportation and downstream distribution projects in the PRC LNG supply chain. The Company has also been looking for suitable experts in the LNG industry to strengthen its management team. The management is confident that with its experience and expertise, the Company is well positioned to participate in the development and structural change of the energy industry. The Company will aim to maximize the value of the Shares, and at the same time be a key party to the contribution of carbon emission reduction for the PRC.